The 4 Eds was a 4 piece skiffle band all called Ed. Formed on March 3rd  1987 the band consisted of Eddie Riff (Adrian Fraser -bass) Eddie Skins (Mike Bragg-drums) Eddie Chords (Gareth Beasley-rhythm guitar) and Eddie Singer-Guitarist (Brian Smedley).

They played 2 gigs and then forgot to do any more

attempt at wacky photo in booth outside the cinema

March 14 1987 they played the Bridgwater Arts Centre and got halfway through the set (in the gallery area not the main stage) when assistant manager Sarah Trethewey claimed they were too loud and pulled the plug on them. The band and the audience organised a mass walkout and went to the pub instead.

Adrian Fraser remembers ““What happened was Sara said ‘no amplified music’ .We agreed but then Andrew Napthine turned up with a mike stand which could only mean one thing….”

April 4 1987 the band played the Valiant Soldier (also known as the Market House). The gig was held upstairs supporting Gareth Beasley and Anne Dixey’s new band ‘The Parishioners’

The band played a selection of rock n roll songs from the 50’s  in an authentic a way as possibly. ie, badly.

There are no recordings of the 4 Eds so here’s one of the songs they did.