Feeding the Fish was a Yeovil area fanzine brought out by Alan Flint and Simon Barber from June 1982 until 1985.

feeding the fish
Feeding the Fish 

Artist and musician Simon Barber  said “The 1st issue was me and Alf (Alan Flint) in my flat .Mike King did photos…Deb was doing ‘still crazy’ . There was no social  media back then so it was a way of communicating…I had been away and had come back to a scene where everyone was 7 yrs younger than me. The adverts funded it a bit but it was mainly Alan.  Alf was working  and so we had a benefactor. Our print run –  100s. We got them printed  professionally at printers-which made it stand out. Sold it at Acorn Records and at gigs. It was very well received and people were  into it. There was not much quality control. Wilf  had whatever space  he wanted for his cartoons. Then there was Fred (Andrew Perry) who now writes for the Telegraph and Q”.